“Aviation is proof that – given the will –
we can do the impossible.”

Eddie Rickenbacker

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Hours of Operation

Behind-the-scenes tours of the historic aviation and space artifact collection are available by appointment.

Please call to schedule: (352) 256-8037 or (352) 219-2285.
Admission is free. Donations are always appreciated.

Wings of Dreams Fly-In / Cruise-In Breakfast

Next Fly-In – TBD

An Evening of Astronomy, Space and Aviation
Next Date TBD


Explore Space with Dr. Francisco Reyes, Wings of Dreams volunteer & director of the UF Teaching Observatories

Dr. Reyes will give a talk about the various visible objects in the night sky, as well as a short discussion on the detection of gravitational waves and its implications. 

Admission is free. Donations are always appreciated.

The Star Party will be located at the Glen Harris Memorial Park at Keystone Heights Airport, next to the Wings of Dreams Field Headquarters.

For information – 352-256-8037 or email:

Books, Memorabilia & Artifacts Donations

The Wings of Dreams is continuing its drive for books for the Aviation Resource Library and memorabilia and artifacts for museum displays. We are interested in books, memorabilia and artifacts relating to aviation history, World War II, aerospace, military history, vintage aircraft manuals, space program and rocketry, as well as aircraft models and archival materials (photos, newspaper articles, oral histories, letters, diaries). All donations are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law. The library is open to the public for examination, reference and research.


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