Wings of Dreams, located at Keystone Heights Airport in North Central Florida, is 501(c)(3) charitable organization founded in 2005 by Susan King and Bob Oehl. The airport, formerly the Keystone Army Airfield, has a rich military history as a World War II Army Air Corps air base, tasked with reconnaissance pilot training, as well as preparing a squadron of fighter pilots for the Normandy Invasion. Part of the Wings of Dreams mission is to preserve the airport’s wartime history, much of which is unknown or forgotten.

The permanent museum facility will be located on 6.5 acres at the end of Runway 5. The multiple-phase Wings of Dreams project will include a warbird restoration facility, aviation museum with space museum and aerospace education annex, outdoor youth activities park (Flight Magic Discovery Park); aviation resource library; gift shop; and restaurant (Fly By Night Cafe).

Wings of Dreams will restore and display vintage aircraft and warbirds, many to flying condition, and serve as a repository for memorabilia and artifacts from World War II, other military conflicts, pioneer aviators and the space program to fulfill its mission to educate and preserve this part of America’s unique heritage for future generations

Our Mission

bulletfp_panel  Establish and operate an aviation museum, aerospace education center, warbird restoration facility and space museum annex with collection of space program artifacts and observatory.

bullet  Restore and display vintage aircraft and warbirds, many to flying condition

bullet  Enlighten and engage the public by showcasing aviation history, World War II and America’s space program through exhibits, educational programs, workshops, symposiums and air shows
bullet Revive Keystone Heights Airport’s rich military history
bulletPreserve and promote for future generations the legacy of pioneer aviators, combat airmen, Women Air Force Service Pilots(WASP) and the unsung heroes of aviation history, World War II and America’s space program

bulletHonor the patriotic service of all veterans

Our Vision


Architectural Rendering of the Future Wings of Dreams Aviation Museum
Wings of Dreams Aviation Museum Keystone Heights Florida

Design by Scherer Design/Build

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